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Are You Paying It Forward

If you want to secure (earn) a lasting business relationships with your customers, community, and really enjoy what you are doing, then give back something. The concept of paying it forward can change your business prospective.

While I often don't promote the fact, I do a certain amount of pro bono work for my favorite charities or hold positions without pay in professional organizations. At the time of this writing I'm the Vice President of Public Relations for my local Toastmasters Club 3267 and actively support the activities of my local Khedive Shrine Temple.

In 2003, I spent 6 months as a SCORE volunteer (Norfolk, VA) reviewing business plans and working with start-ups on marketing. For local speaking engagements, I give my honorarium to my favorite charities, or volunteer to support time to support growing professional organizations.

I believe this is the difference between long term time prospective and a short one. What are you doing to give back a little, to reinvest in your community?

My activities don't make me any better than the next guy, often I don't even mention my contributions. Unfortunately many sales people only involve themselves in community activities just to make that next sale.

If you've been following my advice for building stronger more profitable business relationships, then you know the value of earning customers for ongoing purchases rather than just the next deal. By giving back a percentage, or number of hours you can get a better understanding of your organizations influence in a non threatening way.

This means, you can get out among the people without being a sales person. You'll gain prospective by meeting others without any obligation of "introducing" your product or service. It's a great way to establish trust, not only in who you are, but that the charities and organizations you support can complete their mission.

If you can't be passionate about helping others in a charitable sense, how can you help your clients or provide value in your professional life. I encourage you, pay a little forward, give back to your community without expectation of reward. This one habit has more value than money can buy.

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