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Using Questions for Sales Answers

Before your prospects can become customers, they have certain questions in their mind that need answered. The problem for you, the professional sales person, is that questions brought forward in appointments tend to become objections. This hardly help the sale.

If you want every prospect to have a better chance of becoming a customer, it's important to answer their questions before you meet with them. The Bissell Powerforce Bagless does just that with a unique box design. It answers the prospects frequently asked questions (FAQ) right on their box.

Being a business-to-business solutions provider you very often don't have "box" to share the answer. You won't necessarily have a showroom either. What's "the outside of the box" solution for you?

You can reduce sales objections by answering your prospects questions before an appointment, here are six ways to get you started:

It's easy to deliver your "Frequently Asked Questions" when you know how. They don't need to be fancy, just deliver your FAQ early in your selling process. By answering these questions in a safe, easy to follow marketing piece you move buyers further down the path of choosing your solution.

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