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Create Customer Satisfaction Everyday

Service isn't what you provide as much as what your customers feel they get. sounds kind of soft, however, meeting expectations you or your market sets about products or service lead to delivery satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is simple. If a customer feels they didn't get what they expected, then they will be disasified. If they had no expectation, then it's a craps shoot.

You can have the very best people delivering what you've sold, but if they don't understand expectations you've setup in the sales presentation, they will most always fail in critical areas.

As a selling professional you are the gateway to your customers satisfaction. One of two things will happend, they will be happy and send you referrals, or they will be dissatisfied.

Unfortunately the later, dissatisfaction, is a mainstay in this world of instant gratification, but you can shape your buyers perception if you know how.

Here's a quick primer on creating expectations for buyings, then delivering on your promise.

  1. Understand what buyers really want. Focus first on what they want, shapping your solution around their current expectations.
  2. Prioritize services based on customer priorities rather than your own. If on-time deliver is more important than product features, then give them delivery.
  3. Constantly check along customer interacdtions points to set and meet expecdtations. The only way you'll know is to measure.
  4. Seal satisfaction with referrals. When a customer is happy, help them find more who will do business with you. Their recommendation secures their commitment.
Understand, as a selling professional you set expectations for your customer. If they are unhappy, it's your responsiblity to make it right (or don't bring them on in the first place.) Customer satisfaction means referrals and ultimately helps you grow.

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Justin Hitt helps selling professionals turn simple interactions into repeat streams of referrals, satisfied customers, and long term business relationships. To use these insights in your business visit https://www.justinhitt.com/
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