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Role of pictures in social media

Whether social media or your website, it's important to have pictures. Great personality pictures provide social proof you exist, that you provide value, and that you have real customers. The pictures you use in social media matter, caveat emptor.

While pictures have great value, you do want to be careful. In most States (US) and European Union countries there are rules about use of photographics in public display (in most cases signed waivers are required.) Check with a lawyer because I'm only speaking from my experience and not offering legal advice.

From my experiences, I have a strict policy about pictures:

Now before you think my policy might keep you from being "social", understand public figures are fair game.

Speaking of public figures, get your picture taken with them whenever possible. Walk right up to them and ask, most will allow pictures. I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture with Donald Trump when I met him briefly at a conference in Washington DC.

Getting your picture with famous people does two things for you in social media. It first elevats your importance (or perceived importance.) Secondly it shows you are involved in your market place. Both points cultivate rapport and attract people to you.

The other picture policies are for the protection of children and family, you are welcome to post what ever you like, however, as a service provider I don't recommend it. While social media seems pretty friendly it is being used for financial fraud, as well as other things. Better to be safe.

As for social media, pictures help convey certain feelings, perceptions, and proof about your business. They may feature successful customers, they may demonstrate a problem, or show dramatic change. Carry a camera, take some pictures, you never know when you'll spot something that illustrates a point you ought to be making.

The point of this post is to get you thinking about using pictures, other publications the Center offers cover types of pictures and where to get them. Right now, go out and snap some pictures and get them up in social media. Get pictures from your customers, involve people in your pictures. Have fun.

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