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Understanding the Mindset of Buyers

The Internet makes it easier to truly understand the needs and desires of buyers, through this you can motivate them to purchase from you. While this video talks about Internet marketing, Glenn Livingston carefully points out that this kind of understanding can help sell physical products.

In this 90 minute video you'll discover how to find real buyers in niche markets, connect with what buyers really want, and read the minds of those who want to do business with you. Watch this video then scroll down the page for a specific action plan to profit from this analysis in your business:

Understand these insights are just as much applicable to the b2b technical services provider, especially since this kind of data collection can be used in multiple channels. That means you can slip under the radar collecting behavior and mindset insights from blind surveys, even fax broadcasts, as well as websites on the Internet.

It's interesting to think about what you might learn about your buyer using keyword research, all the better to use these insights to cultivate new sales. Take these actions to get started.

  1. Along customer interaction points look for points of collection for Glenn Livington style surveys. Go beyond your website to your show room front desk, trade show booth, and even survey's by mail.
  2. Collect data into a central location. Create a library of customer understanding, look at your collections over time and test your assumptions about buying behavior. Accuracy of samples is important.
  3. Use new knowledge to segement customer base. You are looking for greater profits from fewer transactions, additional channels to reach new buyers, and ideas to improve your overall marketing relevance.
  4. Test new idea each period (month or quarter depending on volume). You want to understand both changes in behavior and buying desires. This helps introduce new products, improve existing ones, and sell more of what you have today.

The best insight you can pick up from this video is to understand that you don't know anything. It's better to observe, measure, and take action based on specific insights gathered from measuring rather than assumptions. With these insights you'll be able to read the minds of your buyers to find more like them.

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