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Cold canvassing by email?

Do you want more prospects? Opening the door with company "Contact Us" pages can connect you decision makers in smaller to midsized firms. But for maximum results in minimum time it needs to be done the right way.

A "Contact Us" page is the doorway to which you can easily walk through to a decision maker if you know how. Often describing a page on someones website with a simple form where you provide your information.

This page doesn't need to be just on their website, it could be in social media channels, trade directories, or other communications platforms. Your key is to connect where your most ideal prospects are already.

Start with intense focus, qualify the company by several criteria before your intial contact. Make sure you are a right fit based on existing customer match and relevance.

Send a brief (two sentence) introduction inviting details upon request. Remember, these forms are for them to generate and qualify leads, not for you to sell them stuff. Complete the form, keep it short and focused on their benefit.

Go the extra mile by jotting down their company address and any point of contact you can find for a postcard. Write out a personal postcard, or use something in stock to try to find the right person. Reaching the right decision makers is about a multiple-channel approach.

Your only objective is to get the name of the right decision maker so you can follow up. Ideally, when you find that decision maker you want them to contact you for something. It would be great if your original message was passed along to that person, but that's not always going to happen. Most web forms are monitored by lower level staff or outside firms.

With this method it's best to get a support person to mine search engines, social media, and other relevant channels to make these initial connects. Your purpose isn't to sell, just to connect and identify. This connection then qualifies, then moves the individual into your regular lead generation and qualification funnel.

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