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Getting more buyers calling you

Your product doesn't matter, it's possible no body cares. If you want to be in business, you must move past the "great idea syndrome." If you want sales, then find out where you fall down in your sales process.

Here's a diagnostic series for a business website (lifted from an excellent interview with Dr. Glenn Livingston on Consumer Language and Getting Unstuck)

On that last point, a goal for on-line is putting product in shopping cart or visiting sales pages. In your sales process it's contacting your company for information then engaging in an appointment.

Every step your prospect takes to identify themselves as a customer helps you sell more. That means you need to know how your customer buys, who your customer is, and what they are interested in recieving.

Most importantly, ask yourself from Gary Halbert, "Are you selling to a hungry market?" While you may not want to hear this, you may have an incredible product that people don't want. Or, you have an incredible product that a specific group of people want but don't know you have.

Either way, without prospects moving towards a purchase, without language that connects what you offer to what buyers want, you may not be connecting with buyers. The solution for this is knowing your customer, watching where they drop out of your sales process, and understanding the marketing necessary to reach them.

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