How to Build Friendships in Business

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

If you had a choice (which you do), would you rather work with your friends or the usual run of the mill customer? You, like many others, would want to do business with people who are friends -- those people who you can trust and enjoy their patronage. Here are three suggestions on how you can build long lasting quality friendships in business:

  1. Be in business for the long term. Consider the lifetime value of a customer over the entire period of purchase. Be honest with your customers to treat them as if you will see them again (if they are happy you will.) Invest in your customers as you would your stock portfolio; periodically weed out the unprofitable ones.
  2. Treat each customer as an individual. No matter how busy you are that day, provide each customer a positive one-to-one experience. However possible generating a win-win situations with the customers long term interest in mind. A few profitable customers are better than just a whole lot of customers; they even cost less to serve.
  3. Produce high quality products. If you customers have something to say about your product, be ready to listen. Continually implement methods to improve your products and services. Customers will not always tell you so ask how else you can better serve them.

To increase your bottom-line and create solid long lasting relationships in your business (a) be in business for the long term, (b) treat each customer as an individual, and (c) produce high quality products. It is really that easy, one transaction at a time, one customer each on their own measure. Try one of these suggestions in your business today.

To learn more about building friendships in business, visit Lessons for Building Friendships in Business for Great Customer Service

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Justin Hitt is a consultant who specializes in growing relationships for executives in technology companies who want greater profits. For a copy of his newsletter Inside Strategic Relations visit

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