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Issue #48 -- September 2, 2002

A weekly journal about building stronger relationships in business.
Subscription information is available at the end of this newsletter. Thank you for reading.

Good day, this weeks article ?10 Reasons for Getting Really Close to Your Most Profitable Customers? will share with you customer building, product enhancing, and marketing targeting reasons to get in touch with your customer base. You will find this information useful and relevant to your customer profitability strategies.

In last weeks article, I hope you extracted the key points that partnerships inside your organization must be earned. We do not own employees anymore; they may come and go as they please. When they feel as part of a team -- a partner to the business -- they not only stay, but also provide a higher quality of service to the organization.

It is not often that I share ?cut throat? business strategies to eliminate competitors, however, next weeks article I will demonstrate some relationship skills necessary to leverage your value to remove competitors. Business relationships are not always friendly to those who are not serving the customers needs. Stay tuned and learn more next week.

Yours in service,

Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant, Author & Speaker


Justin Hitt, a strategic relations consultant, author, and speaker. For more information about building profitable customers through segmentation and learning more about your customers, visit

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