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    In A Recent Speaking Event for a Goldmine Users Group
    Always Seek A Win-Win Arrangement With Business Partners
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In the News

In A Recent Speaking Event for a Goldmine Users Group

I want to share a little information with you about a wonderful group of consultants who are putting their right foot forward to building business relationships. Lead by James W Wiley, the Digital Technologies Inc, this group is encouraging clients to action.

They are not only teaching their people how to use a software application but also providing some hand holding to their large client base. I spoke about generating a return on investment with their CRM applications. The group was quite lively.

James' people have a good thing going. He has strategically aligned his organization with various companies specializing in marketing lead generation, sales prospecting, and CRM product support. Recently starting certification with Microsoft's CRM software package, already Goldmine authorized consultants.

The lesson for you; teaming with specialists helps you better serve your customers needs. You can cover more ground, almost guaranteeing your success.

For more information about Digital Technologies Inc visit https://www.dgtloffz.com/

Always Seek A Win-Win Arrangement With Business Partners

Do you ever do something for a business partner under "special arrangement" or consideration? That is how a lot of today’s business goes, call it barter, or scratching each other back. Most often, it works well for both parties; however, sometimes people think its okay to take a little.

Before you get upset with a business partner that takes a little more than they give, explain to them what it means to be win-win in the relationship. Many of my articles are licensed without fee to web sites in exchange for advertising, byline references, or other considerations negotiated. Usually I receive a payment for freelance articles, and can gain residual value off future rights to an article.

I found recently that one of the sites I bartered original content to was not making links active. My first reaction was to get angry with them because we had agreed to live links. Was it there way of getting my article without attributing it to me as the author? When it looks like someone is trying to get the better end of the deal, do you have the same reaction?

Since I teach all this "business relationship" stuff, I figured I would ask a few questions. To make a long story short, they did have some feeling that including links to my website would cause them to lose visitors. Even though we agreed, they figured they could get away with it. Another article, they "forget" to include the biography attributing the article to me.

Instead of getting mad, I explained to them the value it provides to readers to make available links to information resources that serve them. I shared insights from my research in relationship building on business to business web sites as it pertains to "the credibility of information." In the end, I got my links -- but more importantly, readers of the article can get more information on the topic with little effort.

What benefit does the link and author attribution provide the publication printing my article? It provides credibility and value that keeps visitors returning. When you have barter arrangements and feel someone is trying to get the better of a deal -- reevaluate the benefits each party receives before jumping to conclusions. You might be right in your thinking, but with a little dialog, you might correct the situation without losing with win-win.

Have you seen a news story that I may find interesting as it pertains to strategic relations? Does your company have a story about results with strategic relations? I'd like to hear about it. Email me at feedback-newsletter

Predictions in Strategic Relations

In 2003 Companies Will Develop a Greater Orientation to the Customer

Some companies tailor actions to shareholders, while others their employees. The successful companies of 2003 will place a greater emphasis on orienting the entire company, its partners, and shareholders, for the benefit of the customer. Customers represent the only reliable source of income for a company.

You may remember the dot.com company of the 1990's who used investment income for operating costs. When you think about it, shareholders are only a source of income when they purchase newly issued stock. Investment capital is sought primarily when a company expands, not for operating costs. Shareholder income is not sustainable for long periods.

Your employees only generate income when they serve the customer, or increase participation in company sponsored retirement programs. Without customers, employees just burn overhead time, which reduces company cash reserves and your ability to compete in a competitive marketplace. Concentrating on employees alone does nothing but increase your overhead costs.

The customer is the only source of income your company has that consistently adds to your bottom line, and that can sustain your company over the long term.

By orienting every resource a company has on the service of customers, each action can generate income. This income serves as a measure of success for the organization. After all, is not that way we are in business in the first place?

In 2003, you will see a more customer-oriented strategy, including:

In 2003 Customer Relationship Management Becomes Business Relationship Management

While customer relationships are important, they are supported by all business relationships. If you do not have a good relationship with suppliers, you will not be able to get the materials you need to provide for your customers. In order to prove the best value, all links of your supply chain must be working together.

In 2003, while companies orient their actions to the retention of more customers, their back office will tune to support tracking of all business relationships. Especially those relationships that support customer acquisition, like business partners, employees, suppliers, industry leaders, media outlets, and banking.

This information will be stored in the same system, or closely integrated environments that support trend analysis and the measurement of influencing factors along customer interaction points.

Combined this data will support leveraging partners to extend market share, without wasting too many resources where customers are not likely to buy anyway.

In 2003, the following will happen to customer relationships management (CRM) software:

If you have any questions or concerns about my prediction, maybe even your own insight, then email me at questions-newsletter – I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say.

Strategic Relations Journal

The Strategic Relations Journal is published by Monday noon EST, for people interested in building stronger relationships in business. Upcoming issues:

Subscribers are invited to visit the private membership area for past articles, bonus gifts, and special materials, visit https://iunctura.com/journal (User: subscriber -- password required)

I'm always open to answering any questions on strategic relations by email at no charge. Send your questions to strategic-relations-questions – questions will be answered directly and featured in the journal.

If you're not already receiving the Strategic Relations Journal, then subscribe today at https://iunctura.com/strategic-relations

Shameless Self Promotion

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