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Issue #30 -- December 6, 2003

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Dear Entrepreneur:

Is your business development humming? Last week we talked about several ways to improve your business development, including one everyone thinks of but seldom does. This week we expand that idea to talk about ways to improve communications with customers to create sustained profits. See, keeping them coming back for more is just as important as solid sales & marketing -- in fact, it makes your sales people more successful with less effort!

For the next couple of weeks we are going continue our focus on increasing your sales and profits, including next week's article where we will talk about ?creating friendship in business?. Now do not just read this newsletter, smile, and say I could do that -- don't even waste our time. After you read this, take a minute to jot down 10 things you can do to implement what you learned, prioritize this list, and implement the one action that will most influence the success of your business.

Remember, ACTION! If you keep doing what you?ve always done, you will get what you?ve always got!

Warm and sincere regards,

Justin Hitt
Managing Editor

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Summary: 4 ways to improve communications with your customers while creating sustainable profits

If there were just one magic word you could use to double your profits, Wouldn't you use it? It seems there is something, not a word, but something you do with words that can do just that. Its communications, and these lessons learned can improve your company?s bottom line.

  1. Ask your customers where you can serve them better. Seek to improve from their feedback, strive to serve them better, but do not ask what you do wrong -- it could overshadow your accomplishments.
  2. Ask your best customers for more business. In effect, ask for referrals, check on reorders to keep you customer supplied, and do other things to keep the customer coming back for more with top-of-mind consideration.
  3. Personally thank your top 10 customers. A personal face-to-face thank you means more than anything to keeping customers coming back, however, do not make it a sales call -- truly be thankful and treat the customer without underlying motives.
  4. Send a personal thank you after each sales transaction. Even if it is from the front line worker who packaged the order, a personal and sincere thank you after every transaction puts a face with a product and helps employees understand whom they serve.

As simple as it may sound, improved communications between your organization and your customers solves customer relations problems you will face, it increases sales, and improves your profits. These tips also work with your partners, vendors, and others you interact with in the course of business. Tackle one of these areas today and you will be astonished in the results.

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