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Every time an employee, product, or any part of your company touches a customer it shapes their experience with your organization. To build strong business relationships, you must harness this power and create the experience your customer's desire.

In this issue, you will learn how to harness customer interactions and build a more relationship-oriented business with strategic relations. This form of strategic relations uses business process to improve customer experience and in turn your profits.



Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant, Author & Speaker

Defining Terms

interaction (n.)

    1. The act or process of interacting.
    2. The state of undergoing interaction.
  1. Mutual or reciprocal action or influence; as, the interaction of an individual and a product on each other.

point (n.)

  1. A specified degree, condition, or limit, as in a scale or course: point of sale.
  2. An objective or purpose to be reached or achieved, or one that is worth reaching or achieving.
  3. A single unit, as in counting, rating, or measuring.

See also: Customer Interaction Point, Customer.

In the News

Fashioning a True Relationship Oriented Business

It seems Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software developers can show you how to build a relationship-based business, if you just install their software. Business relationships do not come in a box; they created over time by the orientation of your actions towards that purpose -- again, not by the software you choose.

Siebel is probably the most consistent promoter of this idea that software can make a business. In Building a Relations Business with Siebel (by Linda Formichelli, TechTarget.com) the product is presented as a win-all to improving the connection between customer and company. It is true Siebel is powerful enough to enable Home Shopping Network (HSN) track customer interactions, but it is what you do at that point that builds a relationship.

A relationship-oriented business makes the most of ever customer interaction by:

In order to become a more relationship-oriented business, your organization must utilize processes that enhance your customers experience, employee satisfaction, and flexible vendor relations. Nevertheless, what does this all mean to you?

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Strategic Relations Tip for Today

Be Flexible With Your Customer Interactions

When interacting with customers, consider their own perspective for preference over your own. You can learn about your customerís communications preferences by asking, offering options, and providing. Ask what they want (or what suits them best), then offer various options, and finally provide what they request.

Sometimes customers do not know what they want so offering various options expanding their idea of what is available. When trying new methods of reaching or interacting with your customers -- do not change what you currently do, but provide additional options for them to consider. Bottom line; Make it easy for your customers to interact with you.

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Shameless Self Promotion

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