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In hoards customers' line up for your product or service, they would not consider doing business with anyone else. You corner the market with a 100% customer satisfaction rate no matter what you do. In this issue, I am not going to tell you how to make customers follow you with this kind of conviction. As much as some desire this blind following, it is not good for business.

I will however share with you several strategies to improve customer loyalty, while improving your understanding of your customer's needs and desires. Fulfilling these unmet needs will establish a relationship of trust with customers that position you to become a preferred provider.

Customers are people too; help them and they will follow you.


Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant, Author & Speaker

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In the News

Relationships Are Good For the Economy

I am not an economist by far, however, I can tell from the posturing of world political leaders the economy is improving. When top leaders meet, deals happen, deals create jobs, and jobs introduce capital to the economy. Look at US President George Bush�s visits to recent rivals France and Germany, one of the top agenda items included trading efforts to improve economic growth.

While MSNBC reports Top Bankers Say Worst May Be Over, smart businesses have already aligned themselves with strong partners -- actually planning economic recovery during the downswing. What are you doing to work with the stable players in your industry to support buyers with capital? Someone is still buying; it is just a matter of cost effectively identifying them while engaging their needs.

Interact with businesses around you to determine how you can work together for common goals, even if you have not agreed in the past.

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In Looking For Winners, Think outside Your Region

If your niche is large enough, someone is looking to purchase your product in any economy. Look for industry leaders with the highest probability of future stability in regards to your business objectives. Buyers are out there, be smart about finding them.

Remember, leaders in an industry are not always the top producers or highest gross producers. Recent news of WestPoint Stevens Inc (the second-largest US linen producer who is filing for Bankruptcy protection) demonstrates you have to look beyond your own region when seeking leadership in your industry.

Even then, your business development efforts are sustainable if focused on the top five industry producers in the United States (or even multiple regions depending on your ability to export finished goods). These companies would purchase something, no matter what economic challenges your both face.

In a strategic relations model, look for similarities between industries and companies so you can support a broader base of organizations. Also, seek pre-qualified buyers who most closely resemble those who already are profitably served buy your company.

In effect, a lower center of gravity produced by a broad base creates stability.

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Strategic Relations Tip for Today

Use Who Knows You to Develop Your Own Personal Economy

Whether you are the head of a multinational company or just looking out for your career relationships are essential to your success. In fact, the stronger you are as an individual the more power your strategic relationships will bring you.

Notice I did not say surround yourself with successful people to increase your power, but make yourself better for the people around you. It is know who you know, but how knows you in a favorable manner. Make you and your business worth knowing and opportunity will come to you.

It really is not as easy as it sounds, you will need to reach out to those people who could benefit from your worth, constantly search out strategic partners to deliver those services necessary, and maintain your part with self-improvement.

Strategic relations is building those connections around your business to stabilize the personal (one-to-one) economy of organizations and individuals.

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