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In this issue, you will learn how to handle returning employees, strategies for improving the ones you have, and methods to improve retention.

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Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant, Author & Speaker

Relationships with the Returning Employee

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant, https://iunctura.com/

Have you ever left something seeking greener pastures, only to have to return in a humbled state? Often employees leave a company with excitement and enthusiasm that harm their ability to return.

If you must change your working relationship, do so with tack and respect for all parties.

In David Koeppel´┐Żs New York Times article, Unexpected Joys of a Workplace Seen the Second Time Around demonstrates several aspects of relationships management:

From a management prospective, it is better for your unhappy employees to leave than to infect your more productive workers. Make it easy for people to leave your company, and if they are of value, make it easy for them to return.

However, do not fall into the trap of allowing people to bounce from company to company. Seek longevity in the business relationships by encouraging communications of company needs, and employee needs. Be supportive of sound career moves, but quickly weed out employees who use moves for only financial advance.

Questions to ask before returning:

If you are returning just for the money, or because you need the money, there might be some resentment in the decision. You would be better off finding work somewhere else.

Before you return, be sure to discuss those things you would like to have; including greater responsibility, changes in compensation, or adjustments in contribution.

Allow those people who you have been genuinely staying in touch with reintroduce you to the company. These individuals will open the door for your return, and can even help develop the opportunity to do so.

Questions to ask returning employees:

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Methods to Improve Employee Retention

It costs as much as $14,715 dollars to acquire a single highly skilled employee. This includes selection and hiring, not to mention the time you put into an individual over their total stay. It is much more cost effective to keep good employees than it is to hire new ones.

To keep employees from jumping ship provide them daily performance targets instead of monthly, listen closely to their concerns always seeking a self-directed solution, and treat each employee like a close partner with full disclosure so they hear about problems from you first.

For more methods to improve employee retention visit https://iunctura.com/weblog/2003/09/15.html#a179

How to Benefit From Successful Employees

Executives would agree that the most productive employee is highly trained in their position and who completes their tasking in an effective manner. However, your middle managers might be inhibiting individual growth to protect their own egos. Stay alert to managers that fear their own position as employees run up the ranks.

This includes rewarding managers for successful hiring decisions, provide equal opportunities for management growth, and provide soft skills training to help managers surround themselves with strong teams.

For strategies to limit this potential roadblock visit https://iunctura.com/weblog/2003/09/16.html#a182

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