Using micro-Actions to accomplish anything

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Everyone has goals and objectives, but often we block our own progress in how we set out to reach them. One way to achieve more; in project management, personal development, or even corporation management is the use of micro-actions. In fact, you can accomplish anything with micro-actions.

Individual behaviors that block progress that can be overcome with micro-actions:

How do you accomplish anything

When setting goals, set them just beyond reach. This means instead of setting just end-of-year goals, have a list of things you want like to accomplish in weekly or monthly milestones. These small steps bring you toward the yearly accomplishment.

Any big problem can be broken down into small steps. If you have a goal, there are certain things you'll need to do before you can reach it-- this is where micro-actions come into play. Do what you can do today to reach your goals of tomorrow.

Here is a suggestion to get more done through micro-actions:

  1. Set out yearly objectives,
  2. Set out monthly goals that contribute to yearly objectives,
  3. Set out weekly accomplishments that help obtain monthly goals,
  4. Set out daily actions that are required to reach weekly targets,

I use a small memo book (80 sheets, 3x5 inches) to track each list of objectives, checking off each item as I progress. Don't overwhelm yourself-- focus on what you can do, focus on those things most important to reaching your objectives.

Your daily actions contribute to your weekly accomplishments, which in turn contribute to reaching monthly goals, and together yearly objectives. Small steps in the direction of your goals will help you progress faster than any other method. You're only responsible for what you do today, and that's it.

Some people call the "daily actions" a "master to-do list" -- it doesn't matter what you call it as long as you understand it's your daily actions contribute to your long term success. Prosperity in life (or any accomplishment) is built on daily actions.

I can even go as far to say, that your future success is built on hourly actions. To remove things from your list, you slate each of your top priority actions into specific slots of the day. Focus on completing your most important tasks first, but know you'll need to complete them all eventually.

Often you'll find your yearly or monthly objectives change, so you daily actions might change. You might also find that some less priority actions are closely related to the higher priority actions and can be completed at the same time. Having all these tasks documented help you better plan and achieve more.

Group common actions together from your master list as they contribute to the weekly accomplishments-- this helps you better use of each hour of your time. You'll do more in less time because common tasks often use common resources.

With micro-actions you'll bring yourself closer to your objective one step at a time, while the steps are small, you are working in the right direction.

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