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Building Trust And Credibility

What you gain from business is influenced more by the trust and credibility you earn than the value of what you offer -- because with these things you'll offer only what is of mutual benefit to your clients.

In today's lesson, you'll get some straight ideas on using communications tools to build creditability and trust with new clients. Here is where you apply lessons you've learned about communications characteristics that build business relationships.

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Justin Hitt
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How To Use Communications To Build Trust And Credibility With New Clients

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Without trust and credibility, you cannot have a meaningful relationship with clients. How do you get these things? What you say (communications) contribute to establishing credibility, but only when you reinforce those words with actions do you begin to establish trust.

Clients base perceived long-term value of your organization on levels of trust and credibility established early in your business relationship. A high level of credibility shortens sales cycles, while strong trust increases client retention. This is critically important with new clients because you haven't yet had the opportunity to prove yourself.

It doesn't matter if you communicate in print, in person, or over the Internet, these interactions must convey certain messages that contribute to relationship value. Here are several ideas that help communications build trust and credibility with new clients:

These ideas will contribute to trust and credibility with existing clients but are critical to starting out new relationships with strength for longevity. Practice these points in all areas of sales, marketing, and service as they interact with clients daily. Audit existing communications to implement these ideas no matter how you connect with decision makers.

It's not enough just to say what you think clients want to hear. You have to develop a two-way conversation with each decision maker that specifically addresses their concerns, interests, and help them fulfill their objectives through your solutions. When you have done this, your communications will build trust and credibility with new clients in a way that lays the groundwork for a long-term healthy business relationship.

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