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Increase Market Share

Today's lesson will show you how to turn relationships into a noticeable increase in market share, including some things your industry won't tell you about capturing more customers at a lower cost.

Last month you learned how to generate leads that are more qualified and what sales should have done yesterday for better results today. Now is the time to put these lessons into action to produce measurable results for your organization.

Is any sale a good sale? Next time, you'll learn how you must be selective to create greater profits in business to business.

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Justin Hitt
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What Your Industry Won't Tell You About Increasing Market Share

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

If I could show you how to have more profits without acquiring new customers, wouldn't you do what was necessary?

Too often companies are contrained by what their competitors provide, limiting their profits to what competitors think is profitable rathering than measuring for themselves. They design their products around common features available in the market place and never move too far ahead of the pack, outside of what is "normal."

These companies buy divisions of competitors to consolidate the industry; they copy products, improve on existing solutions, but never produce the market diversity necessary to handle big changes. Your industry has trained you how to avoid innovation (even though that's one thing most executives desire. )

Do you know what this is in the natural world? It's a form breeding that makes every member of a species the same. Without biological diversity, species (industry) are open to catastrophe, plague, and even extinction.

Most companies fail to create productive relationships because they refuse to demonstrate any real differentiation in value. When you're just like everyone else, why other than price would a customer choose your organization?

The biggest thing I do for clients is provide a fresh objective view of their sales and marketing practices. Just helping them be a little different from their competition, they can create hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in new business.

What can you do to increase profits with customers you already have while positioning your organization for more profitable business relationships? There is no quick answer, but here are ways to increase market share that you'll never learn watching your competitors:

To increase market share, it isn't about grabbing a bigger slice of the pie; it's about creating a bigger pie from a few powerful business relationships. Your customers want more solutions around the problems you already solve, grow the opportunity (pie) available to your organization through the positioning demonstrated here.

These ideas will keep everyone in your industry wondering how you weather every storm always coming out on top; try one of these ideas today.

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