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Friendship In Business

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In the last lesson, you learned some unique ways to secure market share, this lesson will show you why you don't have to be friends in business for great profits. The next lesson will reveal to you the one thing that makes customer relationships just happen magically.

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Justin Hitt
Consultant, Author & Speaker

Why You Don't Need To Be Friends With Everyone To Create Great Profits

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Wouldn't you agree most executives want a warm friendly business environment with cheerful clients? Some may even idealize "doing business with friends," alluding to a righteous objective to treat customers with fairness and grateful concern.

This fantasy may help you convey customer relationship initiatives, but if you want a profitable enterprise understand you don't need to be friends with everyone.

In "Lessons for Building Friendships in Business for Great Customer Service" you'll find three categories critical to molding results, they were:

  1. Be in business for the long term;
  2. Treat each customer as an individual;
  3. Produce high quality products;

The nine lessons in this article show how to activate these categories, but is a "relationship" so strong it's considered a "friendship" necessary for all your customers?

No!� You don't even want to be friends with everyone you do business with; it's an impossible task if you want to be profitable.

Do all your customers deserve the same amount of time and attention? No!� The fact is some customers deserve more time than others do because they contribute more to your bottom line.

Because you have limited resources, logistically you'll neglect some customers no matter how hard you try. No company can be all things to all people and survive, just as you can't please everyone. A key to strong relationships and profits is to be something important to someone specific.

Not all customers are profitable.

Have you seen them, the customer who wastes your time and generates so little? Building business relationships is about mutual gain -- value for value. Customers must be fully satisfied with your service, and you must be satisfied with the return.

If your customer doesn't think they will get what they want, being friendly isn't going to convince them. Just being friendly doesn't provide the proof necessary to support a buying relationship.

Finally, customers don't want to be your friend until they have trust, credibility, rapport, reliability, and measurable results. Even worse, some customers may want more than this, but every customer is different.

Friendships are what happen after an investment of mutual respect plus an open willingness to exchange value around a certain base of solutions. You'll gain friends in business when you've provided equal value.

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