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Customer Relationships Magically

Now that you know where friendships come into business relationships, it's time to translate this thought into action. Today's lesson shows you the secrets to making customer relationships happen magically.

Many clients expect instant results, customer relationships now, and in this lesson, you'll learn specifically what to do to get just that while busting some myths related to building customer relationships. But, what you'll discover will surprise you.

In the next lesson, is there a connection between customer perceived value and product quality? Stay tuned next time for how customer value improves product quality, including three factors for product development to refresh fading product or invent new ones.


Justin Hitt
Consultant, Author & Speaker

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What Makes Customer Relationships Happen Magically

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Can customer relationships come naturally with little effort, almost magically? What do you do if you must create many customer relationships quickly? If you want instant results with business relationships, you are likely to be disappointed. Here's why.

There are no short cuts, elixirs, or magic formulas for effortless customer relationships. From first contact to purchase, these points add to the time required to create the trust, credibility, and reasons necessary for a customer relationships. The only way to speed up this process is to start today taking certain actions that contribute to strong customer relationship value. What specifically can you do now to create relationships in the shortest time possible?

Take these steps to focus and speed up relationship growth without sacrificing quality:

  1. Communications objectives -- What message does your customer want to hear, what do they need to hear? What is your core message? Define what your customer has to gain because of your communications with them.
  2. Plan of action -- What will you do first, second, and next to move customers closer to a relationships with your organization? How are you conveying that plan to the customer? There are certain steps behind the scenes that you must do to cultivate the relationship, address these steps before you start relationship building.
  3. Preparation and research -- Whom will you be selling and what are their interests? What motivates customers and makes them want to do business with you? The more you know about your specific customers the easier it will be to anticipate their interests and serve them.
  4. Focus on mutual gain -- How can your customer get as much or more than you do from doing business with you? What does the customer want to gain at this interaction? Look at the lifetime of a customer with your organization; try to give them a little more than you get from each interaction.
  5. Clearly outlined next steps -- What do you want customers to do first, second, and next as they move towards a specific desired result? How can you make buying easier? Help customers get where they want to go, make it easy for them, and keep them moving toward their objectives.

Many factors will contribute to creating strong customer relationships; it's a mistake to ignore the investment of hard work required to cultivate this type of interaction. Will software help? No matter what any one tells you, there is no magic way to create customer relationships.

Each day your competitors are getting closer to your best customers, what did you do today to keep one more customer than you had yesterday? To increase retention you must have an effective relationship building strategy, top-down sponsorship, and front-line efforts, each contributes to speeding up relationship building.

Every meaningful relationship you create in business is the result of many small actions. The magic comes with the rewards of loyal customers because earned through hard work, consistency, and consideration for customer's interests.

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