How To Set Ethical Guidelines So The Government Doesn't Have To Set Them For You

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

The news is full of businesses who demonstrate how to create large mythical profits in a less than ethical manner. You read about these catastrophes because these practice are unsustainable. What can you do to create profitable customers while being ethically responsible?

What good are profitable customers if some regulatory agency drains your bottom line with legal fees, audits, and fines? Business to business firms that create profitable customers quickly also create an ethical culture based on well-defined simple self-checks any employee can follow.

Being responsible for your own ethics is the foundation of any effort for creating profitable customers quickly. Discuss this topic with your employees, ask hard questions about how certain situations should be handled , and do what you can to check your own behavior before someone else has to check it for you.

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Justin Hitt speaks frequently on developing business relationships with both customers and employees for greater profits. He is the author of "27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment" (workbook). Order your copy today at

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