Get Results With Your Monthly Action Plan For Creating Profitable Customers Quickly

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

With limited time, how do you create customers quickly without wasting time or resources? It's critical you understand that customers don't really come quickly, but as a result of the efforts you took yesterday to invest in strong business relationships.

Do you want measurable results? If yes, then it's critical to have a month-by-month plan to position your business to attract profitable customers. Here's how you start:

  1. Document clear business objectives. Identify what results you want to create from your relationship building efforts. Tie what customers want with what you'd like to accomplish.
  2. Create a marketing calendar. Your marketing calendar tracks a series of marketing activities that generate qualified prospects for sales. Each week or month run one campaign that you track the results from.
  3. Implement campaign response tracking. The more you know about how your marketing is working, the more you can do marketing that works. Track campaign costs, revenue generated, contacts touched, total responses, and number of sales.
  4. Do the most important things first. Focus on what really matters, turn off the phone, ignore the fires, and reach new prospect daily. If you want to create profitable customers quickly, work on creating customers daily.
  5. Focus on customers not your solution. Know the desires of profitable customers better than anyone in your industry, only after this should you become experts in the solutions you offer. With this attitude, you'll create solutions around what customers want to purchase.
  6. Journal your results, reflect on successes. You won't always create the results you desire, but you can always learn from your efforts. Start a notebook documenting what works, what doesn't, and what you can do to make things better.
  7. Learn from failure through action. You'll learn more from failure than success (especially the failures of others) when you do something with the lessons you see. In your journal, list three actions you can take immediately to overcome, avoid, or improving on minor setbacks.
  8. Seek to solve performance problems early. Build into your marketing activities a means to quantify revenue targets, pipeline volume, customer feedback, and new campaign tests. It's easier to do things right than to do them again, plan to do things right.

To create profitable customers quickly it takes more than random actions, but instead a focused plan. Even if you just start with one of these actions, develop a plan early, and review it often. What's your plan?

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Justin Hitt helps executives create and keep more customers in a cost effective way. Drawing on more than a decade of experience in customer relationship management and customer profitability. Contact him at

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