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How Marketing Hurts Sales

The last few issues touched on getting employees involved in building customer relationships, but let's now talk about something closer to home. Specifically today's lesson reveals the evil deed marketing perpetrates daily to make your sales department mad.

Yes, and if you are a sales executive or manager you'll want to leave this lesson anonymously on your marketing director's desk. Go ahead, but just keep in mind that the next lesson addresses what sales does to waste marketing resources.


Justin Hitt
Consultant, Author & Speaker

Correction (6 Sept 2005) This lesson originally mailed with the column "Tragic Mistakes Your Marketing Department Is Doing To Hurt Sales" instead of the following featured article.

Evil Deeds Marketing Does Just To Make Sales Mad

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Yes, there are certain evil deed marketing does just to make sales mad. While they don't mean to do these things, they cause riffs that hurt your ability to make new sales.

With this said, sales and marketing professionals don't always see each contributes equally to business success. This rivalry isn't necessary. Here is a sample of the evil deed marketing does just to makes sales mad:

For more mistakes marketing makes working with sales, visit "Tragic Mistakes Your Marketing Department Is Doing To Hurt Sales."

Which of these mistakes does your marketing department make? Most don't mean to, but these evil deeds cost your company hundreds of thousands each year in missed opportunity. There is hope and you can overcome these obstacles, if you face these facts first.

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