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In the last lesson, you learned the one magic secret to getting the most out of this newsletter and the business relationships you'll create this year.

You also learned "Seven Communications Strategies For Building Profitable Customer Relationships" -- but what do you do when a lack of communications causes customers to become upset with your organization .

In the next lesson, you'll learn just that . . . how to rebuild damaged relationships with customers , even if your company has made all the mistakes. Including three relationship rebuilding ideas you can train every employee to do without effort.

But first, why is it so important to build customer relationships in every transaction. Today's lesson will share the three places you can improve customer relationships without effort or adding any other "processes" to your business.


Justin Hitt
Consultant, Author & Speaker

Why Should You Build Customer Relationships With Every Transaction

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

You know how to make customers happy, improve loyalty, and even track to make successes repeatable. And, still repeat purchases haven't increased, customers still leave for inferior solutions, and referral business is too low to measure.

How can building customer relationships be easier for front line staff so they will actually do it?

Too often customer relationship management is haphazard if implemented at all. Employees don't buy into its value because there is no immediate payoff, or even worse, because they feel "it's not my job to sell, service, or support. "

While an individual may not be paid to serve one of those critical rolls, it's everyone's responsibility to do what is necessary to satisfy customers . What can you do so that everyone builds customer relationships instead of neglecting them?

First it's critical to understand why you should build customer relationships with every transaction:

Without a formal customer relationship program, you'll spend more on selling and marketing efforts because you'll miss hundreds of opportunities to build loyalty "in-process. " By involving every employee in building customer relationships at each transaction, you increase the value of communications with customers making each interaction point more valuable.

What can your front-line employees do today to increase customer loyalty, generate repeat purchases, or better set expectations?

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