Key Performance Areas Successful Managers Consider Before Getting Started On Any Project

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

Have you ever been a part of a project that you feel just shouldn't exist? Felt like you've wasted time, or didn't have a clear direction as you contribute to a new project effort?

You are not alone. There are many reasons projects can break down . . . but just a few ways successful project managers create results during project planning that make all the difference .

Without addressing these key performance areas, you can expect projects to run over, be over budget, and under produce. You'll be frustrated with a lack of resources and perhaps even be under compensated for your efforts.

Are you setting yourself up for the same frustrations, or are you using relationship principles to create successful projects?

After you've answered the two critical questions required before starting any new department or project , consider adding these key performance areas to your project management plan:

Starting a new project is more than writing down three key objectives, but must include the results desired by you and your end user, plus reward for achieving desired results in a timely manner .

A successful project requires planning before any action, is segmented with specific measurable milestones, and is clear about desired results (even creating them on paper before it starts. )

Are you considering relationship elements of project management or just following the same old things that just don't work? It's your choice. Use these strategies to get results before you start any new project.

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Justin Hitt is a strategic relations consultant with the Center for Strategic Relations. He is available for limited consultative support of professional organizations serving other businesses. Call +1 (276) 254-8747 or visit

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