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What! It's already mid March. Where has time gone? I apologize for being late with today's issue ; I'm in the middle of more than $14 million in new business for a client (with an additional $21 million in their pipeline. )

You should be excited about this because I am sharing with you the same relationship building strategies clients use to get these results . In this lesson, you'll discover what a customer relationships group should really do , and it's not what you might suspect.

Hope you were surprised by the last lesson and what was said about those things you should know before starting a new department or project. Now you know how to get the results you deserve from new projects.

In the next lesson I'll share some of the strategies I've used to help clients produce sustainable growth with the sales and marketing people they already have . As someone involved with sales or marketing management, stay tuned for what might be the most revealing lesson this year.

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Justin Hitt
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What Your Customer Relations Group Should Really Do To Generate Sales

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

With the push for better customer relationship management, the last thing you need is another committee holding useless meetings and wasting corporate resources. Its bad enough most customer relationship management systems are still sucking up valuable information technology dollars with little or no results to show for it.

How does can a customer relationship group overcome these problems while still creating strong profitable customer relationships?

The objective of this group isn't more rules, processes, or executive level initiatives . You, the sales or marketing manager, don't have time for such nonsense -- budgets are already stretched to their limits.

First, you must define what your customer relationship management group really does . To make it solely self sufficient a customer relationship group must generate sales. That's hard profits, not just top line revenue.

That's why your customer relationship management group needs its own profit and loss statement , and clear objectives before you go one step further. This lesson will assume you have those things, or that you are still investigating this way of improving customer relationship value.

Here is a quick list of some of the things your customer relationship group needs to do (after it understands that it's responsible for creating profits!):

Your customer relationship group doesn't have to be big . In fact, you should start small, very small; even just three people are fine. If you want to add bulk to your customer relationship group, consider bringing on board customers.

See, your customer relationships group doesn't replace sales, marketing, or service departments. Their role is more oversight than directive . That's why a panel of top customers is more important than many staff members.

A customer relationship group will delegate through local sales, marketing, or service managers. This means for a customer relationship group to be profitable it must work well with both customers, and internal business elements .

Why this is so critically important is beyond the scope of this article. If you have any questions or want additional information, write CUSTOMER RELATIONS GROUP, Dept CK-0603B,PO Box 3123, Martinsville, VA 24115 for a fact sheet that extends this article.

You don't need more overhead, and with this strategy a customer relationship group will pay for itself hundreds of times over. To be sure they are doing something for your business to business technical firm, start with a profit and loss , then roles described here.

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