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Selling The Invisible

Have you ever wanted to stand apart from the competition, but just didn't know how? If you're selling consulting services or any other intangible, today's lesson will show you how you can sell more in less time.

To get the most from this lesson, it's important that you revisit the last where you learned how to be the leader every sales team wants to follow and are motivated to please. Without the cooperation of your sales team, you as a manager are useless. Are you beginning to see how critical employee relationships are to your success?

In the next lesson, you'll discover how to turn your commodity into an in-demand solution with unique value competitors can't touch. Even if you are selling professional services, common in your industry, you'll learn how to convey unique value that accelerates sales.


Justin Hitt
Consultant, Author & Speaker

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Strategies For Selling Consulting Services Or Any Other Intangible Easily In Less Time

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

If you are selling an intangible hard to demonstrate business-to-business service, you are not alone in finding it difficult to get buyers to instantly grasp. This includes frustrations with selling consulting services. That's because what you offer isn't something that can be touched, felt, or even seen until after services are rendered.

Here are a few ideas for selling more of your consulting services or any other intangible easier in less time:

You don't have to struggle with selling intangibles, selling the invisible doesn't have to be difficult when you follow these strategies. While your prospect can't directly see what you have to offer, you can show them the results of choosing you. Make the invisible, visible, and you'll close more sales.

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