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Customer Loyalty Mistakes

Summer is finally here, it's hot, the beach is nice and business is good. In the last issue I showed you how to demonstrate unique value with your solution even if what you offer is almost the same as anything else available. Remember, it's all about positioning and educating the customer about specific points that make you the ideal choice.

However, if you are making these mistakes in your customer loyalty program then you are sending your competition a supply of qualified buyers. Today's lesson provides a check list that every sales and marketing person on your team should print out and carry with them.

I can't help but wonder how much revenue your company is leaving on the table if they are making just 3 of these mistakes. What's worse is that some sales and marketing managers, business owners, or executives have the right plan in place, but employees just aren't following it.

That's why . . . in the next lesson you discover how to help employees embrace customer satisfaction as part of company culture.

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What You're Doing That Destroys Customer Loyalty, Inviting Your Competition To Steal Customers From You Now

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

If you're making these mistakes in your customer loyalty program you could be sending customers directly to your competitors. Just making a few of these mistakes creates dissatisfaction making it easy for customers to be stolen from you. Use this checklist to improve customer loyalty:

It costs less to keep the customers you have rather than have to take them back from a competitor. Go through your sales and marketing processes to make sure you are doing these things regularly. Doing all these strategies puts a force field around your customers protecting them from predatory competitors.

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