Hidden Bonus Members-Only Benefits of this Private Coaching Program

These benefits are so exclusive they are only alluded to in public areas, please, lets keep them this way. Here you will find benefits available only upon the acceptance of your application. Click for a complete review of all membership benefits.

Affiliate rebate program lets you bring in others with a cash back award to you (more)

Copyright free scripts and letters to help you move forward with marketing efforts using proven campaigns

Wants and Have Joint Ventures forum connects you with profitable projects to expand your business

Access to proprietary marketing systems that increase business volume (more)

Unlock additional memberships in our network of sites for greater access (more)

Your "foot in the door" live interview and marketing event (more)

Targeted impressions on private B2B advertising network

Plug into niche lead generation systems that reduce lead costs and set appointments (more)

These benefits are unadvertised bonuses and may change from time to time. Enjoy your members, if there is anything you need please let us know.

Access to Proprietary Marketing Systems

You can plug into lead generation efforts of JWH Consolidated LLC related groups for high quality business leads captures around your industrial or technical marketing needs. Qualified members will be able to lower lead acquisition costs while increase overall volume in a quality controlled manner.

Examples of Plug-In Done-For-You Marketing Systems:

Industries who could benefit today from these systems:

Telephone Seminar and Speaking Arranged Promotions

Great for lead generation and establishing your credibility around a specific solution set, these programs are arranged to be very informative while choreographing certain details to turn listeners into qualified prospects. Calls help listeners choose you, they work well in marketing series and are great archive pieces for years to come.

Setup as an authoritative interview in front of a live audience, use these interviews to get your "foot in the door" with tough prospects. Uses a talk show format. You'll be coached before the call, provided materials to market the event, and Hitt Publishing Direct will take care of all the call (plus master recording and basic audio production.)

You'll receive a master ready for use in your lead generation, customer retention, or other marketing campaigns.

Additional Memberships Included in Your Subscription

With your GOLD membership you also get access to several other membership programs including in your investment here. It's like getting 2 or 3 membership programs in one, plus it extends your network without extra membership fees. Each program is specific to the needs of business-to-business industrial and technology service firms.

Just use the same login you used here to access these web sites included in your membership:

  1. Selling to Executives (includes Marketing to Executives) -- Connect with any c-level executive in a way that helps them buy from you. Articles plus marketing swipe file gallery.
  2. Cash Management Secrets -- Powerful insights to improve business cash flow while increasing your profit per customer. Includes articles, interviews, and back issues.

If you're already a member of any of these sites, you will see that subscription in the membership console, just cancel the old membership to prevent double billing. Put in a help desk ticket to have one of our staff members to assist you.

Plug into our Niche Lead Generation Systems

You'll own use of all the leads in your designated zip code. Just introduce yourself to these hot leads and your phone will start ringing. Zip codes are exclusive and reserved on a first come first served basis.

Our system can even send follow up marketing materials to convert these warm leads into hot prospects for your specific business. Optionally, our system can even setup your appointment (depending on volume.)

Choose a market segment, choose a zip code; we'll setup the web site and handle all the list management. Resources used in these campaigns are generic enough you can plug them right into your business for maximum results.

These are custom web sites hosted and managed by HPD Advertising Solutions, leads are usually delivered by email real-time. Volume depends on the market size, niche, and mailing lists available. You benefit most because we write and test all the marketing materials, track results, and optimize campaigns while you sleep.

Optional add-on's are available at discount rates to supercharge results without breaking the bank:

These programs require a lot of work on the part of our offices and are only available to a limited number of members. Contact our offices to apply for this program, please include a description of your customer and three things you need to know to qualify for an appointment.

Affiliate Rebate and Referral Program

You can invite your sales team, marketing partners, or others into this program with cash back rewards. Refer a new member using the links provided to get 12.5% of their first month and 25% of each additional month.

This program rewards businesses for bringing on their whole sales team, while reducing your overall costs. Because membership to this private coaching program is for a special king of selling professional, this program wasn't meant to be shared with the general public. Please screen those who might access your specially coded link.

Click here to enable affiliate tracking on your membership and to get codes for sharing this program. You'll find a number of text links you can give to your team, trusted partners, and those who you feel would benefit from this program. You'll receive cash back rewards for as long as they are members.

Your referrals reduce our marketing costs, allowing more to be invested in valuable benefits. Everyone wins with this affiliate rebate and referral program, especially you (since it is possible for your rewards to exceed your membership fee.) This program pays according to our business-to-business affiliate resale program with a bonus program.

Note: These hidden benefits give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Let's keep them hidden from those outside this program. If you are found talking about these benefits outside a JWH Consolidated LLC event or sanctioned forum, you will lose your membership.

Disclosure: Many of the companies referenced here or providing auxiliary services are owned or in direct joint venture with JWH Consolidated LLC (a Delaware Corporation). These relationships are for your benefit, however, may generate a profit for involved parties. While you are getting a great value; explore all options available to you so that you are sure you are getting the best from us.

Confidentiality: Rates provided to you through these programs are NOT transferable or available outside your membership here. Please do NOT share rate quotes you obtain through this program for confidentiality reasons.

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