Assumptions about ASP in Customer Relationship Management

By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant,

With my focus in business process and actual relationships development, I do not often consider specific CRM solutions. In fact, if asked to help a client with selecting a CRM solution as recent as 3 years ago, I might have told them to avoid ASP type solutions at all costs. Application solutions providers (ASP) just did not have their act together as far as providing a full customer service solution.

Things have really changed.

Application solution providers (ASP) have come a long way since the concept first premiered in the late 90s and can provide a viable relationship management solution for a reasonable investment.

While remaining as vendor neutral as possible, here are some of the things that limited the viability of past ASP CRM systems:

There are fewer differences between ASP type CRM solutions and their in-house counterparts. Solutions are more flexible than ever. However, not just any solution will be right for your business. If after reading this article, you are considering an ASP type CRM then you should read Greg Gianforteļæ½s The Insiders Guide To Selecting The Right ASP for 12 selection criteria to get the solution right for you.

Now that more CRM packages are providing the same base features, perhaps it is time to focus on the relationship building aspects of customer interactions. It is not so much the tool you use, but how you use it to advance your business objectives. Remember, choose a solution that best fits your business processes and you will have a greatest probability of a return on investment.

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