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Articles and White Papers

The following links represent past newsletter articles, special materials, bonus products, and other materials that are not for distribution outside the this subscription. These materials are for your own use only. (Listed most recent first)

Magazine Columns and Work for Hire

Who is Justin Hitt currently writing for? Your insiders look at freelance articles going to major publications, even before their release dates.

Destination CRM
(contributed article)
CRM Guru
(contributed article)
Government Executive Magazine CRM Forum
(monthly column)
Web Site Marketing Plan News
The Enterprise Newspaper
(column series)
Greater China CRM
(with translation arrangement)
Digital Technologies, Inc
(workshop follow on)
Debbie Weil's WordBiz
(on-line copy newsletter)
Marketing Profs
(contributed articles)
Zero Million
(contributed article)

While editors schedules change and not all articles will make it into the next couple of months editions (have seen articles held for 18 months or more), you get access to the articles as they are available to editors.

See our editorial calendar for upcoming articles soon to be featured here.

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