Earn A Return On Investment From Customer Relationship Management

  1. Address CRM Implementation Concerns Early in the Planning Process
    1. Understand the CRM implementation concerns of decision makers
    2. Critical thinking steps to take when planning your CRM implementation
      1. Assess your current customer relationship environment,
      2. Focus on one area at a time for improvement,
      3. Apply improvements in incremental phases,
      4. Document lessons learned during implementation phases,
      5. Document results gained during phases to justify future efforts,
      6. Compile facts supporting improvements (or to avoid failure),
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How to train users to get more from your CRM solution

  1. Use a role based training strategy for your CRM project. Realize that for every position, each employee uses CRM differently. These differences require a training approach tailored for the desired results that role is to produce.
  2. Once an individual is trained on their job function, you'll improve adoption by reinforcing training efforts with strategies that reinforce the new norm. Instead of introducing change, try adjusting current behavior by refining processes already in use so that those involve experience better results. Often testing new strategies involves employees in a way that encourages them to embrace the improvements, while shaking off old untested ideas.
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