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Privacy Policy

The Center for Strategic Relations collects personal information about you and your usage of this site. Information is collected in the form of individually identifiable profiles as well as collective market research and topical research. Your information is stored off-line in a secure database and is not available to the public.

  1. Subscription Policy. You must request to be added to our electronic mailing list (opt-in), and will be added no other way. You can get on our mailing list by (a) responding to an advertisement, (b) request information from our company, (c) purchase a product or service from us, and (d) subscribing to one of our newsletters. For options (a) and (b) you will be contacted only as it pertains to the initial request. For options (c) and (d) you will be contacted periodically as outlined in the initial purchase or sign-up form.

    (Learn more about our Newsletter or Subscription Program)

  2. Third Party Use. We do not rent, sell, or loan our subscription lists to anyone for email marketing. We may sell advertising in publications, however, do not provide the advertiser specific information about individuals on our lists. We do, however, provide limited rental of mailing list information (excluding email addresses) as it may be deemed beneficial to you based on our understanding of your needs. Every effort is made to secure a positive response or permission before continual mailings.

    At anytime you may request in writing to be flagged "Do Not Rent", please include your full contact information including name, phone number, and mailing address. Client lists are never shared.

  3. Un-subscriptions. All messages from us have a means of un-subscribing and will clearly identify itself as from "at iunctura.com " -- If you choose to un-subscribe from a designated mailing list, you may be asked to confirm your action and will not be added back to the list until you request such. Every marketing communication you receive from any use of data collected on you will have an option to remove that information at your request. You will receive a confirmation of any such request, this insures that the last message you will receive from us is the confirmation of our removal.
  4. Security. All subscription, credit card, or sensitive information that could identify you as an individual is maintained off-line at a secure location. Any information on-line, but not accessible by a web browser is encrypted. All databases we maintain are protected by individual passwords and are restricted to specific staff members on a need to know basis.
  5. Data Acquisition. From time-to-time we may purchase, acquire, compile, research, or develop profile information about you as an individual from third-party databases in order to better understand your needs. It is not logistically possible to verify the permission of each source, but the highest regard for your privacy is desired. You may be removed from our list by any simple request in writing as per part 3 of this policy.
  6. Pre-existing Relationship. Use of this website, a subscription to our free or paid newsletter, or any other interaction initiated by you as an individual constitutes a pre-existing business relationship. Unless you request to be removed from our mailing lists, the Center will not be held liable under any State or Federal unsolicited marketing laws. All removal requests are honored.
  7. Consent To Recording. By using this site or engaging in any communications with individuals working for or on the behalf of this organization, you consent to the recording of your interactions by use of electronic, mechanical, or other device. By default, this site is designed to uniquely identify each user and monitor individual activities. All email messages, letters, message board posts, phone conversations, and other communications with this site are recorded.

    Recordings and related documentation are property of the Center for Strategic Relations and will be safeguarded in accordance to this privacy policy.

In most cases the information collected on you as an individual is used to provide the requested services, to enhance existing services, or to create new services that may solve problems you face. Actual transaction information or individual customer activity is consider proprietary to the Center for Strategic Relations and is not shared with any third-party without written permission from you. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact our offices for more information.

To see our privacy policy in action, no risk to you, subscribe to our Newsletter, Inside Strategic Relations, we only ask for your email address -- it's the start of a wonderful relationship with the Center for Strategic Relations.

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