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Methods for Achieving Return on Investment from CRM

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Read this tutorial if you want to achieve a return on investment from an existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. If you are still in the implementation phase, you will want to visit our tutorial that helps you build a return in your implementation effort.

Table of Contents

A. Strategies to help you achieve a CRM return on investment:

  1. Understand customer interaction points for your business,
  2. Enhance basic contact information with customer preference,
  3. Determine what expectations the customers has,
  4. Learn to leverage vendor relationships to expand reach or value,
  5. Understand where you currently stand,
  6. Define each users core function then train on product specifics,
  7. Use regular short training sessions in-house over long events,
  8. Know when technical assistance from experts is necessary,
  9. Your CRM objectives should be aligned with business objectives,
  10. Strive for accuracy of data intelligence gathered,


A number of on-line articles and special reports will help you better understand these methods for achieving a return on investment from CRM. These resources were selected as they are most appropriate for this topic.

  1. Avoid the ROI Pitfalls: Strategies for CRM Success (Nucleus Research, PDF)
  2. How can businesses take the ROI guesswork out of CRM projects? (Destination CRM)
  3. Understanding and Achieving ROI with CRM (Customer Potential Management Marketing Group, PDF)
  4. CRM Analytics KEY to ROI on CRM (Real Market, PDF)
  5. Achieving High ROI through Integration (SearchCRM)
  6. Planning for CRM Project Success by Kimberly Hill (CRMDaily.com, 3 December 2003)

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