Turning Business Relationships Into Profits
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How B2B Firms Create Profitable Customers Quickly

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Are you with a business to business technology or professional services firm who wants profit producing customers quickly? Learn how to create and keep profitable customers.

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Table of Contents

  1. Your ethical responsibility,
    1. How To Set Ethical Guidelines So The Government Doesn't Have To Set Them For You
    2. You Can Make Profits And Be Ethical Too
    3. Tips To Avoid Problems With Conditional Relationships
    4. Executives Contribute To A Companies Success
  2. What are profitable customers,
    1. Nine Things Unprofitable Customers Aren't Going To Do For Your Business
    2. What makes one customer more profitable than another?
  3. Importance of advisory,
    1. Unleashing Advisory For Measurable Results In Creating Profitable Customers
    2. Seven Things You Should Know Before You Hire Outside Business Development Staff
  4. Monthly action plan value,
    1. Why create a monthly action plan and how does it help create measurable results?
    2. Get Results With Your Monthly Action Plan For Creating Profitable Customers Quickly
  5. Identifying challenges,
  6. Benefits of relationship building,
  7. differences from friendship,
  8. Common mistakes in business relationships,
  9. Taking actions for results,
Recent | Table of Contents | Email Course

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