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What your vendor won't tell you about breaking even and profiting from CRM

"... a no nonsense method for action you can use over and over ..."

27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment (workbook)27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment
By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant

Discover a simple and easy Tool Kit to recover your CRM application investment. Learn 27 ways to generate money, reduce costs, and get closer to your customers with CRM. Includes step-by-step implementation guidelines to help break even in your customer relationship actions in 18 months or less guaranteed. (more)

This Tool Kit will help you

Produce measurable results for your company:

Gain a sales and marketing advantage

Reduce CRM implementation time

Get more from your CRM software

Produce a CRM Return on Investment

An unbiased perspective to break even with any size customer relationship investment. Obtain a truthful analysis of CRM implementation from someone other than your vendor.

Table of Contents

Designed as a self guided program to walk your organization through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation process, even give you valuable tool to carry your project past return on investment. Each section focuses on real measurable action for your company.

From the Desk of Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant

How to Break Even With Your CRM Investment in 12 Months

How This Report Can Help You Break Even Quickly

  • Too Many Companies Overspend On CRM Solutions
  • A Tool to Help Build Stronger Customer Relationships
  • Yes, Break Even In 12 Months Even With Your Existing Solution

How to Put These Tips into Action for Greater ROI

  • Step A. Read This Entire Report before Doing Anything
  • Step B: Find the Top 10 Tips Relevant For Your Organization
  • Step C: Prioritize Actions, Brainstorm, and Implement Something Today

27 Ways to Increase Your CRM Return on Investment

3 Places to Go For Help in Implementation

  1. Your Employees Can Help
  2. Your Vendor Can Help, Too
  3. Third Parties Might be Necessary

Turning Information into Action for More Profits

  • CRM Isn't Anything New
  • CRM Helps Build Stronger Relationships
  • A Quick Start for Breaking Even In 12 Months

Appendix: Resources to Assist Your Returns

Putting This Report into Action: Tracking Implementation

Brainstorm Action Sheet

Implementation Journal

  • Ways to CRM Return on Investment (Cover Page)
  • Overview Tracking Scorecard
  • Weekly Journal Entry Form

Who should use this Tool Kit?

You should read this report if you are:

Get cost reduction strategies you won't find anywhere else. Find out what CRM can do for your customer relationships. Breaking even on your CRM investment is possible if you now how.

Your Results are Guaranteed

You get all the resources you need to produce a return on investment. In addition, the discussion forum can be used to ask specific questions relevant to your business.

If you apply the exercises in this Tool Kit and don't at least break even on your CRM application investment, just write for a complete unconditional refund. Order today with no risk.

License includes updates for 12-months.

27 Ways to Improve Your CRM Return on Investment
(Item# CI1, 42-page, ISBN 0-9721400-3-4)
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