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Benefits of Members in this Private Coaching Program

Get as much or as little as you like for building profitable customer relationships and improving customer relationship management ...

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Educational Newsletter with actionable insights from real experience, not theory

Information about Special Offers and Promotions through Partners

Save time with RSS headline feeds and email newsletters to your in box

Access to Newsletter Back Issues going back as far as 2000. (More)

Exclusive Community of a limited number of sales and marketing management

Mini-site Tutorials integrating site content into easy to follow guides, plus abstracts. (More)

Published how-to Articles to help you build business relationships

Access to on-line Glossary of Strategic Relations Terms, updated monthly

Focused Content oriented towards Technology Based Industries Worldwide (More)

Comprehensive Site Index turning sites content into living reference book

Fax-in Questions & Answers Hotline, gets you answers quickly

Pre-Publication how-to Articles before publicly available

Subscription Rate Fixed for Life, and will never change as long as you remain an active subscriber

Private Membership Area with 24-hour Access for you, with More exclusive content

Private message board for conversation and social networking (more)

Business and marketing models that generate revenue and capture leads

Across the Board Discounts on Catalog Purchases over $200

Private Consultations answering your Questions and concerns about Business Relationships (More)

Access to Private Resources Network of Executives and Management Consultants

Audio Programs and prerelease Materials, including Monthly Clips and Lessons

Complimentary Freelance Content for Your Corporate Newsletter, Training Center, or Intranet

Product Promotions for Orders over $20, Often including Bonus Products

Relationships Libraries Compendium providing access to a number of private libraries of bonus materials (More)

Monthly mail-in marketing critique help you get more from every advertising dollar (more)

Save time with a personal research assistant to find answers for you (more)

Stay informed with priority response for your inquiries and communications (more)

Hidden BONUS benefits only revealed in the members area (more)

Unconditional Discount on Direct Labor, including seminars, on-site support, and consultations

My Objective for Subscribers:
(What I strive to provide you through skills for improving business relationships.)

Minimum Value each Month*:

$497 - $697 $1,017 - $1,997 $2,047 - $4,677  
 Do the calculation yourself, What is a subscription worth to you?

*Your actual return on dollars invested will be determined by the actions you take, your serious approach to coaching sessions, and diligence with the information provided. Creating stronger business relationships is hard work, but much easier when you learn how with this private coaching program. Your subscription may be tax deductible as business expense.

Invest in your Selling career in sales and marketing Results, click here to learn more about becoming a member ...

Members Only Private Message Board

Connect with peers, discuss challenges you face, and have questions answered by Justin Hitt and qualified moderators. This community is designed to help grow your business-to-business firm while helping you attract profitable business relationships. Private message board is structured around your needs with ultra-private discussion space for GOLD and PLATNIUM members.

Monthly Mail-In Marketing Campaign Analysis

Complete a short survey and print, place in an envelope with your marketing piece, then drop in the mail. That's all you need to do for one complementary marketing campaign analysis. The short survey asks about how you use the market piece, your goals for the campaign, and other elements used to give you a boost in your marketing results. Your results come in a revised piece with marketing suggestions and other materials to turn ideas into profits.

Customized Hands-On Educational Tutorials

The web provides a unique medium for text, audio, and video tutorials you can view in your browser. These guides provide concise lessons that help you implement what you learn, while introducing you to new concepts and ideas that can improve your business today. Information packed with full sources to materials (where ever they may be) to help you make the right decisions.

Focused Private Content Around Your Business

Information provided to specifically serve companies using a high level of technology to accomplish their business objectives. Focusing on Information Technology Services, Software Development, Aerospace, Biotechnology, and Healthcare Management I can bring your processes that apply to real world problems you may face. Focusing on the building stronger business relationships in just these industries allows me to stay on top of useful strategies I can pass along to you.

Monthly Scheduled Private Coaching Call

Ask questions on the discussion forum and get real answers you can use right away to solve problems in your business-- all included in your paid subscription. You schedule the call by completing a short survey, return it by fax, mail, or on-line. Resource gather and investigation happens before the call by our staff. The entire call is focused solving problems for your business, helping you get the most of your time and money.

Relationship Libraries Compendium

Get instant access to all bonus materials including audio programs, special reports, research results, tip sheets, and much more. These private libraries put years of research at your fingertips without paying an additional dime. New materials are added each month, plus you'll get access to other membership programs to view their materials as well.

Personal Research Assistant to Find Answers for You

You are busy and your time is valuable, so using the special fax in or on-line request form, someone on our staff will research for you. They gather the information you are looking for, compile it into a brief report, and you get a notice in your email. Find the answers you seek quickly, without even knowing how to use the Internet. Plus, this service eliminates all the time wasted with unscreened, useless information not relevant to growing business-to-business industrial and technology service firms.

GOLD and PLATNUIM Priority Response

It's our firm objective to respond to GOLD members within 1 business day of their response, PLATNIUM members within 4 business hours. That means you post on the message board, call our offices, or fax in a request and someone is on it before anything else. Don't waste time waiting for results in your business. At least know someone is working on your request, rather than wondering what to do next.

Hidden BONUS Benefits in Private Members Area

One of the things about this program that can't be copied anywhere else is the hidden bonuses you get as a member from your private members console. These benefits help you create more from this program AND any other marketing investment you make this year. Only members can unlock these benefits in their business and selling career.

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