Turning Business Relationships Into Profits
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build influence in business ... influence that translates into career opportunity for sales and marketing professionals

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have all the breaks, get all the opportunities to excel, and magically seem part of an exclusive network that gives them everything they want?

Resources for you and your selling team :

How to leverage people in your network to close more sales and solve more problems quickly. Powerful lessons on how to make inner circle relationships more productive, write for details at INNER CIRCLE MASTERMIND, Dept GF-0605B1,PO Box 3123, Martinsville, VA 24115.

Are you making these mistakes in building business relationships? For checklists that help you create powerful relationships and avoid common mistakes, just send $12 + $3 S&H to INNER CIRCLE CHECKLISTS, Dept GF-0605B2,PO Box 3123, Martinsville, VA 24115.

If you had a tool showing you step-by-step how to attract value to you, wouldn't you use it? A unique program that shows you how to open doors that build profitable business relationships. For details write Applying Strategic Relations, Dept GF-0605B3,PO Box 3123, Martinsville, VA 24115.

What Bill Gates knows that you do not, Learn to get more from every relationships. Write for a catalog and useful resources that build your INNER CIRCLE RELATIONSHIPS, Dept GF-0605B4,PO Box 3123, Martinsville, VA 24115.

Table Of Contents

  1. How to build your own private network of powerful business relationships
  2. Building Your Inner Circle to Accomplish more in Business
  3. Who else wants to be part of something big, creating a resource your competitors can never steal
  4. How to Choose Your Inner Circle Members
  5. Engendering Support of Your Inner Circle Relationships to Pursue Mutual Objectives
  6. How to be a leader to those around you bringing sales and marketing professionals together to accomplish more
  7. Creating your own powerful network of profitable business relationships
  8. Maintenance for Your Most Powerful Relationships
  9. What you need to do to cultivate, grow, and prosper from your closest business relationships
  10. How to soften tough prospects compelling them to buy from you over anyone else
  11. Why What Most Think About Business Networking Is Wrong And Actually Hurting Business Relationships
  12. How to get invited as "Guest of honor" to community events, charitable activities, and business functions

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