Turning Business Relationships Into Profits
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The Essence of the Magic 1% Principles of Implementation and Growth

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What to do with limited time to improve your career, business, and profits. Includes easy to follow strategies that increase the value of business relationships.


  1. How To Improve Business Relationships In The New Year
  2. Relationship Improvements Come Through You
  3. How Well Do You Do The Basics
  4. Discover The Importance Of Process In Reaching Business Objectives
  5. There Is Nothing Your Employees Can't Accomplish
  6. Using Incremental Learning to Boost Your Intelligence
  7. How to Get Started Earning Internal Partnerships for Greater Corporate Stability
  8. 4 Elements of Effective Planning
  9. Getting Things Done, How executives can do more
  10. Philosophy of Competitive Strength in Relationships (1:27 Min. Audio, Mp3, size 1.37 MB, 128 Kbps) Earning Partnership Opportunities, Bonus #3
  11. Using Micro-actions to Accomplish Anything


The following resources were selected for more strategies to improve your own implementation and effectiveness in business.

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The authors of The Power of Full Engagement provide insight from both executive development and athletic training programs to demonstrate methods to improve performance through management of energy exerted. This book provides insights useful for developing your own incremental improvement strategy.

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More strategies for getting things done. Once you have your key objectives in place, Execution will help you focus on strategy as much as other aspects of business leadership. Provides many examples from leading technology companies.

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