Turning Business Relationships Into Profits
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Secrets Of Building Stronger Relationships That Grow Your Business

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How to use strategic relations to build better business relationships. Follow these examples for specific applications and developing internal methods for your own company.


Start inside your current business, with your current customers and employees.

Build Relationships With The Right People

  1. First, Understand "What is Strategic Relations?" To build any relationship you must seek a mutually beneficial objectives that advances each party involved.
  2. Build relationships with people you enjoy, if possible, build friendships in business. Start with a perpetual business attitude, then treat each customer as individuals, and produce high quality products.
  3. Bring together the best business development team. It's always best to train your own staff, but outside business development staff can help you in the short term if you find the right people.
  4. Focus on your inner circle relationships. Those relationships closest to you are critical to reaching the objectives you desire. Learn how to surround yourself with the right people.

Using Customer Relationship Management

  1. You Must Have a Solid Strategy for Implementation Before You Settle on a CRM Product
  2. How to Get Started With CRM to Achieve a Return on Investment
  3. 7 Ways to Demonstrate Trust among Partners
  4. How to Leverage Supply Chain Relationships for Greater Effectiveness
  5. How to Get Started Earning Internal Partnerships for Greater Corporate Stability
  6. 10 Reasons for Getting Really Close to Your Most Profitable Customers
  7. Ways for Lethal Leverage against Competitive Initiatives
  8. Ways to Leverage Internal Partnerships to Improve the Customer Experience
  9. The Role of "8 Relationship Realms" In Your Corporate Success
  10. How to Profit From 5 Differences between Personal and Business Relationships
  11. Reasons CRM Is Just One Tool in Your Arsenal for Superior Customer Service
  12. Using "Farm Clubs" To Build Your Customer Base Without Increasing Your Marketing or Sales Costs
  13. Understanding the Value of Business Relationship Management Systems
  14. Actions That Calm Unhappy Shareholders during a Recession or Business Slow Down

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  1. Another View of the Future of Business & The Next Economy
  2. Nexus - Building Business Relationships by Dr. Peter Langford
  3. The Top 10 Key Benefits of Building Business Relationships
  4. Communications Essentials by Christine Hirsch
  5. The Net shines a light on old values in a brave new world by Scott McNealy
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