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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Writing job descriptions is a marketing function

Writing Realistic Job Descriptions. Give people half a chance and they will pre-qualify themselves for a job. No one wants to take the time to send resumes and cover letters and never get a response. [Hiring Technical People]

Use strategies for pre-qualifying customers to hone in on the most qualified job seekers available.  Doing this will reduce the number of poorly matched resumes you receive, and give prospective employees a better idea of what you desire.

In Strong employee relationships start when they are job seekers I talked about the importance of following up with every job seeker to demonstrate your care about their interest in your organization. However, this isn't always possible. Companies are flooded with resumes in todays challenging job market and recent layoffs don't help volume any.

Part of building strong relationships is to design communications systems around interactions that enhance the other individuals experience.  If you receive fewer resumes, you have more time to follow up with those most likely to benefit your company. By helping job seekers rule themselves out, you'll get only the most qualified (or those who think they are the best match.)

This is why writing a job listing and description is a marketing function. Every word of the listing must help the reader know if they are right for the criteria desired for the position.  The listing must also focus on realistic expectations of the position, just like product benefits are verified, each job requirement is checked against the positions objectives.

With marketings support you'll also get a job description that is realistic, not a dream candidate with every skill imaginable. In marketing copy every sentence must be realistically believable.  Too often job descriptions read list wish lists for super humans that couldn't realistically perform in your environment.

New employees are an investment and writing realistic job descriptions is how you attract them. Let your marketing top performers help write the listing and description-- you'll be happy with the results.

Justin Hitt teaches executives how to create strong business relationships that can increase profits while improving customer loyalty. To learn more about business relationships visit Inside Strategic Relations or call +1 (877) 207-3798

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Stop giving away the store, profitable customers need your attention

Venice: A City Of Commerce. In Venice, they don't even give you a free taste of gelato (ice cream). You pay your money and takes your chances. How much free information do you give away? How much time do you spend educating customers who don't buy from you? []

I used to wrestle with this every day, I sell solutions and my personal expertise. I'm finding there is a balance between what I can give prospective customers, and what they will have to buy. After all, how will new customers learn about my business if I don't share some of what I know.

How has giving free reports, doing special studies, and other freebies helped my business? The answer will surprise you...

Giving away my expertise does very little to build my business. It costs money to make money, and no business can grow by giving away what it sells. I've learned that if I give you something, I'd better make sure you're worth receiving it.

Can you afford to educate your competitors customers?  That's exactly what you do when you don't get anything in exchange for pre-sales technical support, free training events, or lengthy technical reports.

Is it profitable to give away resources that could serve the needs of paying customers?  Of course not, if someone is willing to pay for what you offer, then giving something away is like burning money you don't have. Who is more important, a customer or someone who hasn't committed to your company.

I have completely changed my strategy, if you want a free report, I'm going to learn about your needs. If you want me to provide a proposal, you'll have to pay a deposit, it's applied toward the project if you choose me-- but covers my time if you go somewhere else.

Not all businesses can go this route, but consider this ... time spent giving the store is time away from profitable customers.

Justin Hitt helps executive build stronger relationships that can increase profits and create loyal customers. For more information visit Inside Strategic Relations or call +1 (877) 207-3798

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