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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Reduce the pain of unfulfilled customer expectations

BrainBox turned a late delivery into something memorable to Debbie Weil, publisher of WordBiz Report. When you don't deliver what your customer expects there are a couple of things you can do to make it less painful for them:

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Comic Book Super Heroes Teach Us About Business (Abstract)

Comic Book Super Heroes Teach Us About Business. What a business owner has learned from superheros and is applying in his business. [ Midwest Technology Business News]

Barry Moltz is a huge movie fan, like many of us, he grew up with Marvel comic book heroes who have recently been brought to the big screen. Here is a summary of his article with commentary.

Justin Hitt teaches executives how to create strong business relationships that can increase profits while improving customer loyalty. To learn more about business relationships visit Inside Strategic Relations or call +1 (877) 207-3798

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Discover the easiest way to improve a business relationship

Tom Peters. "Underpromise; overdeliver." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]

This is the one thing you can do to improve business relationships that won't cost you a single penny. Yes, that's right, when you under promise and overdeliver you earn the right to continue the connection that brought two parties together.

Whether it's a boss and an employee, or a sales representative and a customer, practice this simple philosophy where ever you can.

How much should you under promise and overdeliver?  If you had to put a number on the amount of under promise, or over delivery, use 10%.

Try to provide yourself a 10% spread between what is promised and what you can deliver.  If you can delivery a product in 10 days to a customer, offer it in 11 days; you know you can approve an employees raise for 5 percent, then offer 4.5 percent. Be careful about this padding, it must be realistic and shouldn't be used in roll ups.

In most cases, something unexpected will come up and you'll break even. However, if all goes well, you'll be able to provide those extras that really demonstrate powerful results. Just don't overdeliver by an unrealistic amount, they might just think you were bluffing estimate and expect these extras in the future.

Justin Hitt teaches executives strategies to improve business relationships that can increase revenues while reducing costs of service. Publisher of Inside Strategic Relations, a twice-monthly newsletter.

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Callahan, Sean F. Media Power 50. (B to B Online, 5 May 2003) Special report of top B2B publications including commentary about media market, and individual publication profiles.

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ABM Business Information Network. Frequently updated list of B2B media statistics, including ad spending and publication lists. [The Association of Business Media Companies]

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