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Friday, October 17, 2003

Keeping members and employee volunteers active

There are some great similarities between your employees and members of a nonprofit organization. Most volunteer organizations don't need more members, they need more activity from those they already have.  This article focuses on getting volunteers more active, it has some application to keeping your very best employees

  1. Find out why they participate.  For employees, this means finding out why they are working for you. What gets them up in the morning?  Surprising enough, most employees (and nonprofit members alike) only participate because it is routine.
  2. Find out why they are not participating.  Know what keep members from participating and employees from working, you have to remove these stumbling blocks if you want maximum performance. Weed out problems that limit productivity.
  3. Praise the value of existing members.  Your best employees should know they are appreciated, the same goes with volunteers for nonprofits. Let people outside your organization knows these people create unique value for your group.
  4. Find out why people want to participate.  Knowing what motivates your people can help make rewards more relevant, activities more focused, and keep them interested. Align personal goals with the organization goals.
  5. Praise the successes of the organization.  Everyone wants to be a part of something special, when employees or members know about the groups they gain pride in ownership. Is there anything you're doing that sets your organization apart from the crowd?
  6. Concentrate on providing the greatest value to existing members.  Don't treat outsiders or prospective members better than those who have already committed to your group. Employees and members need to know they are still appreciated.
  7. Help members embrace the mission while focusing on action.  Indoctrinate your employees and members into the mission to passionately focus on accomplishments that bring you closer to group objectives. What is your business about?
  8. High quality interactions increase active participation.  Improve the soft skills of your managers and seek to improve other work efficiencies to make every moment count. People want to feel as they are not waiting their time.

Let's face it, employees are ultimately volunteers, especially your most valuable ones. If you want to keep top performers, you have to treat them right. Building strong relationship requires some effort on your part, but well worth the investment as your productivity grows.

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