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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Be represented by those your customers are familiar

Accenture integrates multiple customer relationships with a marketing campaign. Announcing its new relationship with Tiger Woods as a spokes person, a new customer, and a representational character of a particular product line they reach out directly to their key buyers. Executives will be familiar with Tiger Woods, the entire strategy demonstrates good use of psychographic filters profiling.

While most companies won't want a national celebrity, it is profitable for business to business companies to seek endorsements from those respected in your own industry. If a celebrity isn't available, develop one in your own organization. A high level of executive credibility can produce the same results.

You can seek endorsements from existing customers, including those leaders in your industry. Testimonials is the most simplest form of this, extending all the way to marketing campaigns tied directly to the individual.

Many B2B companies already use this strategy, smaller companies create their own celebrity leaders. What you do for your business depends solely on your strategy?

Justin Hitt teaches executives strategies to improve business relationships that can increase revenues while reducing costs of service. Publisher of Inside Strategic Relations, a twice-monthly newsletter.

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