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Monday, December 15, 2003

Trust is an essential part of strong business relationships

Hal Macomber offers two great articles on building trust. The first shares some insights on building trust within a team, and the second talks about building personal trust. I agree with what Macomber has to say and feel trust is an essential part of building any form of business relationship.

Every member of your team must trust that you can produce what you are required and can pull the weight your role demands. Don't you expect the same of them?  Macomber conveys his experiences in a discussion of building trust within a team.  He also provides a few of his favorite books on trust.

In Building Personal Trust, he shares from the book The Trusted Leader by Robert M. Galford, et al., highlighting their five step model for building personal trust. The level of personal trust you exude contributes directly to the strength of interpersonal relationships in a business environment. If you can't be trusted as an individual, people will not engage you with any form of commitment.

I like Hal Macomber relationship based approach to project management, if you're not already reading his weblog, Reforming Project Management, I highly recommend it. Trust is an essential part of strong business relationships and project management. How are your project managers building their personal trust?

Justin Hitt helps executives build profitable relationships with customer, employees, and strategic partners. He can be reached by phone at +1 (276) 254-8747 or on-line at

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